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Welcome to Unicorn Island, where positivity rules, ambition meets access and social and gender equity is more than a hope, dream or slogan –

it’s a reality in progress. 


We believe that stories make the world go round. And if you change the stories, you can change the culture and ultimately change the world. 


Unicorn Island is telling the stories that need to be told and showcasing voices that ought to be heard.

 We’re challenging the harmful cultural, social and gender norms that have held far too

many back for far too long.


At Unicorn Island, we are intentionally letting go of everything that has come before – especially the exclusions, limitations and low expectations – freeing us to create a far richer and more just future, one big and bold enough to include ALL of us. We’re unleashing our collective potential

to create a better world. 


Unicorn Island began in the imagination of Lilly Singh. In 2014 she described her “happy place” as “Unicorn Island” – she saw it as a place of limitless horizons, where even the biggest dreams, grandest visions and most audacious ambitions are realized.

Through talent, audacity and hard work Lilly is successfully making this “happy place” a reality for herself and others.

A born storyteller with an unshakable belief that stories can guide us to a better world by effectively challenging the perceptions and preconceptions that maintain the status quo, Lilly has pushed the limits of possibility throughout her career and continues to break new ground as a writer, producer, creator, actor and advocate. 

The YouTube star, former late-night host and New York Times bestselling author has a global audience of 38 million, making her a powerful digital presence and force for good. Recognized by TIME as “One of the Most Influential People on the Internet,” Lilly is also included in Forbes’ “Top 30 Under 30 in Entertainment” and Fast Company’s “Most Creative People."

Lilly’s career has been a tour de force of imagination and achievement, and she’s just getting started.

By 2018, it was time for Lilly to share her Unicorn Island with the world – leveraging her reach, impact and fearlessness to found a company dedicated to inspiring and driving lasting, positive change – the kind that transforms the world into a more just and inclusive place where equity and equality are givens, not goals.



"Not every story needs to be about everyone, but there should be stories for everyone." 


Our work is centered on the belief that the stories we tell have the power to change culture, advance equity and transform the way the world sees and values people who have been underrepresented and underestimated for far too long.  

Much of our effort is focused on girls, who continue to be systemically undervalued across cultures and geographies.

Unicorn Island exists to change that, by telling our stories and empowering others to tell their own. Together we can move the world forward.

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