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Let’s change the world by changing the narrative.


Unicorn Island Fund embodies our fundamental belief that stories are important – they reveal ourselves and help us understand and appreciate each other. We also believe it matters who tells them, because it’s the authentic stories and shared experiences that open minds, touch hearts and lead to real change.

It’s appalling to think of all the human potential being squandered around the world due to something as arbitrary as gender, race or geography. Imagine if girls were empowered to live without limits. Now expand that to include everyone who has been historically overlooked and undervalued because of who they are.  

Unicorn Island Fund was created to unlock and unleash that potential through storytelling, because it’s the only thing powerful enough to overcome centuries of beliefs and traditions that continue to marginalize millions today.

We’re creating world-class, groundbreaking content. We’re directly investing in vital voices and innovative initiatives that expand the possibilities for equity and inclusion. And we’re partnering and collaborating with others who share our vision and our belief that stories can indeed change the narrative, change the culture and ultimately change the world.

Our goal is to drive greater awareness and advocacy, generate additional funding and introduce new voices to achieve greater representation on screen as well as in our homes, communities, corporations and beyond.


how we work

There’s room for everyone at Unicorn Island – so join us!

Let’s change the world by changing the narrative – help us tell the stories and lift the voices that challenge harmful cultural norms, social traditions and gender dynamics and replace them with opportunity and possibility for everyone.

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Unicorn Island Fund is a sponsored program of the Social Impact Fund, a 501c3 charitable organization (EIN 46-1820448).

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